“4site (forsit), n.,...care for the future”
We have a vision for the future and a passion for innovation and design, knowing the true value of what we do will be measured not only in the present, but by the generations to come.

Design Philosophy

The principal of Sustainability forms the foundation of our design philosophy, and the principal of collaboration forms the basis for how we work.

  • What does the land tell us?
    Work with the natural environment rather than against it.
  • How does the project relate to the surrounding environment?
    Look beyond the “boundaries” of the project to produce a plan that capitalizes on the strenghths of the community while respecting its history.
  • Can the proposed solution be profitable?
    Balance the objectives of the project to produce innovative solutions that are financially beneficial.
  • Is the solution sustainable?
    Balance the economic, and social benefi ts of the solution to meet the goals of the project while preserving the same opportunities for future generations.